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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Money Shot [1/5]

T’was the end of October and Central volunteers had gathered to celebrate Halloween.  Special props to Mary on her fabulous costume of Russell from Up, Ian and Hannah’s homemade rendition of Agua e Sal, and Wendy’s colorful and profitable douchebag jar schematic.

I’d like to draw attention, though, to Emily.  Emily was dressed as an egg boy – one of many youngsters that wander the urban streets of Mozambique selling hard-boiled eggs.  An important detail about Emily: she likes to see innocents suffer.  So, of the 30 eggs she was vending, she decided to boil 29 of them.

By the end of the night, only two eggs remained, one being the randomly-distributed raw.  Mona, who had been tipped off about the remaining egg ‘nade, approached Mike and me.  “Hey boys!  You hungry?  How about you let me buy you each an egg!”

Free egg?  Of course.  We each grabbed one, leaving the tray empty.

Mike cracked his egg on a table corner.  Nice one, Mike.  We’re dressed as Ninja Turtles for a reason, couldn’t you at least nunchuck the thing?  To compensate for Mike’s imbecilic lack of masculinity, I cracked my open on my forehead.


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