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Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Mango, One Rope [1/5]

A pair of young monkeys pounced about between tree limbs.  

PCV Mona probably said: “OMG they’re just like so like cute and stuff, amiright?  Look how smart they are!  I swear to God they’re just like humans.  Let’s find them some Kanye shades.”

A Mozambican gentleman had been watching our admiration and walked into the thicket with a mango and rope.

“Oh check it out guys, he’s going to feed them.”

Rushing to show my knowledge, I added, “Oh nice!  A friend of mine did this once on a fishing trip I went on once.  The lil monkey gobbled that mango down.”

Moments later the Mozambican man emerged from the thicket and we all watched as the monkey approached the mango, picked it up, and became possessed with a demonic screaming fit of fear.  His wrist was entangled in the rope.

Our Mozambican dashed back into the thicket, bludgeoned the monkey with a large branch, then hacked him up with a machete.  He passed by us again, dangling the monkey’s corpse by the tail, before throwing it on the grill for lunch.

Nothing provokes speechlessness like witnessing a massacre of your closest evolutionary sibling.

AfriCUH points: 8

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